Yealink config file generator tool (MAC oriented)

Posted by Jose | Posted in Desarrollo, Software | Posted on 28-12-2017


The last year (2017), I wrote this small web application to ease the process of configure large quantity of Yealink IP phones.


Before… my co-workers unpack and connect every phone, wait many seconds for booting and later configure manually network parameters, after of wait a second reboot other person should enter in each phone (web interface), and configure the rest of parameters, a really SLOW procedure and too many chances of making mistakes, and if you have 100 or more desktop phones waiting for installation.. the time of configuration extends considerably.

Yealink phones have multiples automatic ways to configure, personally select the way of MAC oriented config file. This is a unique file for every phone that contain ALL the parameters and configuration (network parameters, sip accounts, button mappings, timezone, etc).

If you have all the configuration files for your phones.. you can save a huge amount of time placing all this files in a http server and configure your DHCP server with option 66, this option say to every phone that take a DHCP address where to find your own configuration file. Every phone search this location for a file with your unique mac adress name (example 4a27d0fbb9b2.cfg) copy this file and later reboot automatically, later the phone is ready and configured with all the parameters and custom config provided.

The process of collecting data is very simple. In a CSV file put data in the following order:

MAC address, extension, Fixed IP address

Collecting MAC address of every phone can be done quickly reading directly to CSV file with a cheap usb barcode scanner and original box


Later upload this file to web application and fill the rest fields

VLAN field and Phone administration password field are optionals, its depends of architecture of network and client needs.

later of pressing GENERATE button, showing a screen with details of process with every file generated, and link for download a .zip file containing all the files. 


The tool is designed for work with fixed IP address for every phone, time zone is set to -5, and other custom parameters, but with the source code you can modify files to satisfy your requirements. a folder named models contain the files for every model and can be edited for adjust your requirements and config needed 

GitHub repository: